Lament II: Flowers of the Meadows & Hedgerows. St. Gregory’s Church, Heckingham, 2022-2023

Black Lovage
Dropped Twigs from the Construction of a Nest4
Artichokes and Black lovage
Blessed Milkthistle3
Smooth Great Brome3
Wild Cherry 2
Maythorn I2
Sainfore 3
Oxeye Daisy Musk Mallow
Wild Cherry II5
Maythorn II copy3
Common Chicory Wild Radish3
Fiddleneck White Campion Wild Radish White Mustard3
Perennial Sowthistle
‘Black Lovage’,
‘Blackberries ’,
‘Dropped Twigs from the Construction of a Nest’,
‘Artichokes & Black Lovage ’,
‘Blessed Milkthistle’,
‘Smooth & Great Brome’,
‘Wild Cherry I’,
‘Maythorn I’,
‘Sainfore ’,
‘Oxeye Daisy & Musk Mallow’,
‘Wild Cherry II’,
‘Maythorn II ’,
‘Common Chicory & Wild Radish’,
‘Fiddleneck, White Campion, Wild Radish & White Mustard’,
‘Perennial Sowthistle’,