We Were Never There: CCTV Landscapes 2020-24

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IMG 0400 2
IMG 3609
IMG 1068
Yokohama Japan
IMG 0863
IMG 1191
IMG 1326
IMG 2157
IMG 0542 2
IMG 0536
Oslo Norway
IMG 1148
IMG 3189
IMG 1180
IMG 1149
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IMG 1962
IMG 1938
IMG 0757 2
IMG 1168
IMG 1136
IMG 1059
IMG 1006
IMG 0676
IMG 0677
IMG 0905
IMG 0051
IMG 1694
IMG 0972
IMG 3221
IMG 1307
IMG 0818
IMG 0486
IMG 1692
26b Diptych. Kollmitzberg Austria IMG 1785
IMG 3074
Stitna nad Vlari Popov Czechia
IMG 0659
IMG 1468
reeds japan
IMG 2197
lama spain
IMG 2556
Tokyo Japan
Osaka Japan
IMG 2920
IMG 2941
IMG 2282
IMG 2411
IMG 2446
IMG 2769
IMG 2908
IMG 1762
IMG 3269
Landeck Austria
IMG 3261
IMG 3255
‘Mexicali, Mexico’,
‘Doylestown, USA’,
‘New York, USA’,
‘The Panama Canal, Panama City, Panama’,
‘Yokohama, Japan’,
‘Izumo, Japan’,
‘Diptych: Fairbanks, Alaska, USA’,
‘Diptych: Fairbanks, Alaska, USA’,
‘Vilhelmina, Sweden’,
‘Vresina, Czechia’,
‘Boyne Falls, USA’,
‘Oslo, Norway’,
‘Teberda, Karachaevo-Cherkesia, Russia’,
‘Shinjuku, Japan’,
‘Newport, Rhode Island, USA’,
‘Panama City Beach, Florida, USA’,
‘Kita, Osaka, Japan’,
‘Burnaby, Canada’,
‘Buberget, Sweden’,
‘Vershina Tei, Russia’,
‘Grangeville, Idaho, USA’,
‘Bern, Switzerland’,
‘Prestice, Czech Republic’,
‘Diptych: Bergenz, Austria’,
‘Diptych: Bergenz, Austria’,
‘Lungern, Switzerland’,
‘Alkmaar, Netherlands’,
‘Greenwich, Connecticut, USA’,
‘Noiraigue, Switzerland’,
‘Marpingen I, Germany’,
‘Autrans-Méaudre en Vercors, France’,
‘Livonia, USA’,
‘Diptych: Hansen Butte, Idaho, USA’,
‘Diptych: Hansen Butte, Idaho, USA’,
‘Diptych: Kollmitzberg, Austria’,
‘Diptych: Kollmitzberg, Austria’,
‘Marpingen II, Germany’,
‘Stitna nad Vlari-Popov, Czechia’,
‘Frankfurt, Germany’,
‘Toronto, Canada’,
‘Chiisagata, Japan’,
‘Jackson, USA’,
‘Stein, Switzerland’,
‘Olten, Switzerland’,
‘Tokyo, Japan’,
‘Salzburg, Austria’,
‘Osaka, Japan’,
‘Vence, France’,
‘Bridgeport, USA’,
‘Mitsuke, Japan’,
‘Martinroda, Germany’,
‘Christianfeld, Denmark’,
‘Langenschachen, Switzerland’,
‘Bay City, USA’,
‘Sunndalsøra, Norway’,
‘Mesoraca, Italy’,
‘Tsunami, Japan’,
‘Landeck, Austria’,
‘Pieterlen, Switzerland’,
‘Tokyo, Japan’,

We Were Never There: CCTV Landscapes 2020-24

We Were Never There:  CCTV Landscapes 2020-24 

‘She didn’t know the meaning of the feed but took it as an act of floating poetry’.  Don DeLillo, The Body Artist

During the first lockdown of the Covid Pandemic, under the restrictions on movement, I found that I could escape and transverse the world, sometimes in real time, through CCTV apps downloaded onto my iPhone.  

Scrolling through endless, what were often, live feeds, I became a voyeuristic observer of unremarkable silent worlds.  The placement of the cameras, through purely objective surveillance requirements, unintentionally recorded fleeting moments which would normally pass unnoticed and unrecorded.  These transient images are in many ways the natural embodiment of Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, in the erosion of a legitimate artistic encounter and experience.  This however, feels like a redundant argument in the worlds of post-photography, surveillance and AI.  And each time I filed my way through countless feeds I would, now and again, encounter images of ‘floating poetry’.

Mark Edwards